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Hey guys - we've been so inspired lately by how hard working and dedicated our fans are, that we wanted to find a way to make you the star, since we couldn't do any of this without you. That's why we want you to nominate your #LocalLegend-- anyone who has helped you or your community. Could be a friend, family member, teacher, volunteer... overall badass. Send us a DM on Instagram, (or comment this post on Facebook, @reply on Twitter with #LocalLegend) including a photo, social link and a short description of why that person’s a #LocalLegend, and we'll be showcasing the best every week. The best part is, when we highlight your submission, we're going to hook you up with some merch and a call you over Skype to get to know you better. Submit today— we'll be picking the first winner this coming Monday, October 9th.



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