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Meet this week’s #LocalLegend, Frank Colley (@frankec64) of London, UK! Frank has worked for decades in the care industry and is a team leader at Leonard Cheshire Disability. There he works with people in his community who struggle daily with disabilities. Frank aims to enable and rehabilitate others, helping them gain confidence and self-esteem. As his multiple friends who nominated him attest, “Frank always looks for ways to encourage positive thinking in others... his love of life is also extended to his friends and family where he is known to be the social events organizer... Frank constantly gives... always thinking of others and loves unconditionally and without judgment.” Frank is also a long-term The Score fan— we had the pleasure of meeting him at our London show two years ago! Thanks so much Frank for being a fan and everything you do for your community. We’ll reach out soon to schedule a FaceTime. Lots of submissions to get through still... next week we’ll be back with another #LocalLegend.



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