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This week’s #LocalLegend is Mr. More of Toronto, ON, Canada, nominated by @kate_skerlan: “I’ve been in Mr. More’s woodshop class from grade 9 to 12 and every year he’s showed all his students the utmost respect, compassion and patience. He’s extremely approachable and always willing to help... Recently, he helped me as I went through some difficult personal issues. Every day he checked up on me and made sure I always knew he was on my team. As each day went by he told me how happy he was that I seemed to be getting better and back to my old self. It meant the world to me that he cared and made the effort to make me, and everyone in my school, feel extremely welcome.” Congrats Kate and Mr. More— we’ll be reaching out regarding free concert tickets and merch some great #LocalLegend entries so far. Keep them coming, we’ll pick another next week. Thank you to all our #LocalLegend ‘s out there!



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